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Patient Testimonials

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

The free hearing exam you administered possibly saved my life.  As you may recall, during the exam you discovered a tumor deep inside my ear and suggested that I have a physician check it out.  I did, and a biopsy revealed that the tumor was precancerous. Surgery was performed to remove the growth.

If it had not bee for your exam, it is unlikely that the growth would have been discovered because of its location. Thank you so much for your careful and thorough exam. I shudder to think of the consequences of the tumor not being found and removed.

I owe you!

Sincerely yours,
T. Ross, Ph.D.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my hearing aids, & would NOT try to live life again without them!!!

Due to an accident in the early 1980’s my hearing was damaged at a young age. Then trying the standard hearing aids of the 1980’s all background noises were amplified, & nothing was any clearer, which made my situation worse. I gave up hope of ever being able to hear clearly again.

In 2006, I got called for jury duty. I simply went to see Sam Hamilton to obtain a letter to relieve me of jury duty. He very nicely convinced me to try one of his hearing aids, while in his office.

OH MY GOSH!!! It was as if my head had been taken out of that awful bucket that had muffled my hearing for nearly 26 years, & I could FINALLY hear things clearly once again!!!

There are few things in life I value more than my hearing aids.

Thank you Sam Hamilton.

Denise Dunham
BeautiControl-Executive VIP

Just a note to let you know how blessed I am to have met you and receive my new ears. Thanks to my son Joe who stopped by to see you, as he was seeking help for my hearing problem. I think it must have been divine intervention since I really didn't make any efforts on my own to improve my hearing problems which I had for decades. Joe told me that he knew I would like you and he believe you could help correct my hearing loss.

I can truly say that it was a blessing to meet you and discuss the possible solution for my hearing loss. We, as you know wanted to think about what you had suggested and took some time to decide what we should do. I was certain that we had come to the right place and didn't take a lot of time to come to that conclusion. After receiving my hearing aids I was surprised to hear the turn signal clicking in my car. I didn't know what they sounded like because I never remember hearing it before. I have experienced no problems and am hearing things I have been missing for years. I so much appreciate your caring attitude and honesty in explaining what I needed and what to expect out of the hearing aid. It is a pleasure to visit you for check ups and I can certainly recommend you to my friends who have a hearing problem. Thanks again for helping me with my hearing loss.

God bless
Joe E. Sherrill